$899 per person (incl GST)

Experience the Great Southern Outback Wilderness 

Like Never Before…

  • Participate in a series of 4WD escorted private overnight tours to a variety of outback locations in the Ongerup-Boxwood Hill areas.
  • Overnight stay and dinner in Ongerup visiting “Gondwana Link” properties and experiencing the local Noongar Indigenous meeting place. Next day visiting the Ongerup Museum and Wildflower Centre for morning tea with a visit to a local farming property to view nature at its best followed by lunch at the magnificent Yongergnow Malleefowl Centre in Ongerup to see the Malleefowl sanctuary
  • Includes visiting the Wellstead CRC for morning tea, exploring the amazing Stirling Ranges and Bluff Knoll then proceeding to Ironwood or Zarephath wineries in the Porongurup Ranges to meet several local wine owners for wine tastings and afternoon tea
  • Learn about the natural and cultural aesthetics of country with the diverse array of stunning landscapes and meeting local people
  • Discover a range of amazing locations viewing wildflowers, vegetation restoration and re-establishing local species of wildlife such as malleefowl, tamar wallabies, pygmy possums and many more.


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